22 novembro, 2010

A TV conquista Scorsese

Em entrevista ao jornal inglês The Guardian, Martin Scorsese fala de seu novo filme Peeping Tom, e do sucesso de Boardwalk Empire, série que produz para o canal a cabo HBO (além de dirigir o primeiro episódio). Comenta inclusive sobre a possibilidade de desenvolver uma prequel de Os Bons Companheiros para a televisão.

“As somebody with such a profound sense of cinema, it's surprising that some of Scorsese's recent successes have been on television, a medium which he has credited with providing ‘What we had hoped for in the mid-60s, a kind of freedom and ability to create another world with the luxury of the long form of developing character in a story’. Most notably, his project for HBO, Boardwalk Empire, has become a popular and critical hit in the States.”

“Screenwriter Nicholas Pileggi has been hinting that a TV prequel to Goodfellas is also in the pipeline, a prospect which Scorsese admits: ‘It’s possible. I don't know yet. But we're talking to [Goodfellas producer] Irwin Winkler about it’.”

Leia na íntegra o artigo de Mark Kermode no The Guardian.

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